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Local History

Fairport - Perinton History

Local History resources for the Fairport – Perinton area are clustered in 4 collections. In addition to the Fairport Public Library, the Perinton Town Historian, the Perinton Historical Society Museum, and the Rochester Public Library have much to offer. 

How do you know where to go first? Each collection has its own strong points. And of course, the growing digital collections are available no matter where you are.

You can find answers to many local history questions here at the Fairport Library. Whether you are looking for information on Local History & Biography, Family History & Genealogy, House and Land Transfers, Fairport Newspapers, or something else, the Fairport Library has resources that can provide this information. The Local History Resources at the Fairport Public Library include:

  • Circulating collection of books on Fairport, Perinton, the Erie Canal and Upstate Western New York State
  • Reference collection of books on Fairport, Perinton, and neighboring communities
  • Local History stacks for additional hard-to-replace titles
  • Local History pamphlet files, indexed at the Information Desk
  • Fairport High School Yearbooks
  • Collected columns written by the Town Historian
  • Online, free access to Ancestry.com is available at the Fairport Public Library during library hours.

Fairport/Perinton Newspapers:

The Rochester Regional Library Council has digitized newspapers in the Rochester area. Go to Historical Newspapers of the Rochester, New York Region for access to the following papers:

  • Fairport Herald (February 1873-March-1889, April 1890-December 1895, 1896-April 1925)
  • Fairport Herald-Mail (May-December 1925)
  • Fairport-Perinton Herald-Mail (1980-1992)
  • Monroe County Mail (1885-1893, 1896-1979)

The Historical Newspapers site is a valuable new tool for historians, genealogists and students. There are many fascinating things to find in the old advertisements, breaking news stories and the opinion and gossip pages. Did you know that having friends from out of town visit you in the 1920s merited a small article in the paper? Or that competing library board candidates used to have their views on libraries published in the local paper?

Perinton Town Historian:

  • Genealogy: Notebooks on families, and published materials
  • Biography: Files on well-known local individuals, as well as obituaries
  • Cemetery Records: Records for all the cemeteries in Fairport and Perinton
  • Houses: Files are arranged by street; 1990 Perinton Historic Architecture Committee survey is available.
  • Property Transfer Records: Complete Records are available in the Town Assessor’s Office
  • Photos: 3,000 – 5,000 photos online or in the Historian’s office
  • High School Yearbooks: From the 1930’s and 1940’s
  • Topical Files: Churches, Schools, Community Organizations and services
  • Online articles about many topics, some with illustrations

Contact the Perinton Town Historian:
1350 Turk Hill Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Perinton Historical Society:

  • Genealogy: Notebooks on local families, and published materials
  • Biography: Files on well-known local individuals, as well as obituaries organized by year
  • Cemetery Records: Records for cemeteries in the Fairport – Perinton area as well as some additional cemeteries
  • Houses: Files on specific addresses; Landmark Society Survey of all homes built before 1902; 1990 Perinton Historic Architecture Committee Survey
  • Property Transfer Records: Some before 1850
  • Photos: Collection includes a DeLand Family album, a “windshield tour” of Perinton, original photos from some local newspapers
  • High School Yearbooks: Some are available

Topical Files: Churches, Schools, Community Organizations and services

Contact the Perinton Historical Society:
18 Perrin Street
Fairport, NY 14450

Rochester Public Library:

  • Genealogy: New York State Vital Records Index, War-related indexes, Books and Periodicals, Census record holdings in print and on microfilm, and other specialized indexes, magazines and databases
  • Biography: Card files of biographies, obituaries, indexes of well-known local men and women
  • Cemetery Records: Rochester & Monroe County
  • Photos: Hard copies and Online
  • Topical Files on many, many subjects
  • Digitized collections of images, maps, newspapers, and books
  • Patent information is available in the Science Division

Contact the Local History & Genealogy Department:
115 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604
TDD: 585-428-8023

New York Heritage Digital Collections

New York Heritage is a project of the NY 3Rs Association, Inc. New York Heritage is a research portal for students, educators, historians, genealogists, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the people, places and institutions of New York State. The site provides free access to more than 170 distinct digital collections, totaling hundreds of thousands of items.

The collections in New York Heritage represent a broad range of historical, scholarly, and cultural materials held in libraries, museums, and archives throughout the state. Collection items include photographs, letters, diaries, directories, maps, newspapers, books, and more.

DHPSNY Preservation Survey Grant

The Fairport Public Library has received a DHPSNY Planning and Assessment Services Grant which has given us the tools to make our local history records and research materials more accessible. Learn more here.

Genealogy Club

The Genealogy Club meets monthly covering topics to aid participants with family history research. Check our calendar for  the schedule and topics.


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